last tuesday was a really great night for me. i was having stomach cramps a few hours before practice, and thinking i really didnt feel like going. but i checked the radicals fb page and jen had posted that there would be 4-6 potential recruits observing practice that night. thats always exciting!

i dont know if it was because we had an audience, or i was feeling talkative with ali, but after i borrowed her skate key to tighten my wheels, i was just raring to go. plus my wheels felt awesome! SO much better than the last week. i didnt really fall behind during my weave either, and we did the paired swedish where we hold out numbers so those are always slower, so i didnt feel totally worn out from the get-go.

mj had invited a girl whos new to morristowns team, jesse to attend our practice. i paired with her when we did grapevines down the rink and back. she started skating in august.

we did the time trial thing, 3 girls on the track at a time. the small track, mind you. i had thought before that it had to be on the large track! no wonder i was so intimidated by the idea of doing 25 laps in 5 mins. i went during the second group, with liberty and burger. i prettymuch gave it my all, but was dissapointed at how much my wheels skidding out around the turns. the noise is so annoying! after i finished, i felt all shaky and queasy. i dunno if it was cuz i pushed myself, or from nerves, but i didnt like it! after everyone went, jen toldus… that everyone had made the cut off time!! woo! sweet. she showed me my time. 57 seconds. five seconds less than last week. awesome 🙂 liberty said next week we’ll do 10 laps in 2 minutes. yikes… this is gonna get hard.

we’re going to a williamsport practice tomoro. i’m glad because i wanna skate! this one practice a week aint cutting it.