at practice on thursday i was pretty nervous because i was starting a new overnight job and going straight there from practice. i was feeling apprehensive about weather or not i’d be dragging ass especially since i had to go straight home to shower in the morning and then right to my other job.
during warm up drills, we did a hitting weave, and i fell down twice during it and had to skate back to get my place in line. in the past this would have really discouraged me but thursday i was just like, eh at least it was only twice! although no other girl lost her place during it.
then we did 3-5 pyramids and jen was secretly timing us all on our 5 laps. the wftda guidelines state that you have to be able to skate 25 laps in 5 minutes, aka 5 laps in one minute. i sucked during these pyramids. my skates felt really loose or something. there was definitely something up with them. i really didnt try very hard at these pyramids either. i was totally psyched out thinking about work later :/ when jen said she’d show times to anyone who wanted to know, i didnt even go over cuz i didnt wanna know. i knew i did badly and didnt really care. i was having an off night.
but she came over and asked me what was wrong and showed me my time- 1:02! two seconds over the required time. not too bad for having a bad night. i know if i was trying, and my wheels felt right, my time would be well under the minute. liberty said we’d be doing more time trials at tonights practice. so i need to use someones skate key before practice! cuz my wheels were loose.

also, there was a guy named paul at practice who came down with grump, and beck knew him. he had a catalog of skate stuff, i guess he works as a distributor or something. anyway, when we worked on hitting, he held one of the pads. we practiced hip checks, shoulder checks, and full body blocks. i’d never even heard of that one! at first i felt like i wasnt doing very well, but after a while i channeled my anger, and i think i did better. 🙂