last night we met up at the wilkes u student center for our post bout meeting. ali’s car is out of order (stew got hit in it when we were at the bout saturday!), so i picked her up.
jen and tara made up a handbook for the roller radicals. thats cool! now we have definite rules in print that we all have copies of. one of the rules for new members of the team is that every prospective rollergirl has to observe at least one practice before starting – i didnt even observe a whole one! whoops 😛
the meeting was very organized, not like the last one i went to at burgers house. jen kept things in order and before i knew it, we were all leaving! not before tara offered some gross flavor jellybeans. i got toothpaste! it wasnt gross, it was minty fresh 🙂
after i see a bout, that usually makes me really excited to go to practice after it, cuz i’m super motivated to get good enough to be in a bout. i’m glad we have practice tomoro. after that, it’ll be just tuesdays til january.
we got a list of all of 2011’s season bouts. the first is away in march! i knew our first home bout was in june. i wonder if i can get good enough to make roster by march!? its my new goal. i remember watching the bout last saturday and thinking, this is just like at practice, i could do this! hope i’m right.