i was getting really excited to see how the new girls fared in thier first bout, even though i didn’t wanna drive all the way to new jersey. i got up bright and early saturday morning before mark, walked cujo, ate breakfast, did laundry, grocery shopped and got dressed. mark was all of a sudden pissed that we had to be at the rink by 5. i almost tried to make other plans to get down there.
we started off the ride at 2:30ish in grumpy silence. of course along the way, we made peace. mark tried to surprise me by stopping at this asian restaurant past hackettstown that he used to like, but it was a different restaurant now. we found morristown inline pretty easily, and got a parking spot five or ten minutes to 5:00! ali called, she was there too but tara said she wouldnt be there for another 15 minutes. i couldnt believe we made it there before everyone else. i ate my pb&j i had brought along.
ellie, zak, liberty and john pulled up finally, and mark and i followed them around the building and into the rink. it was for hockey so there was like the pane glass around it, it was definitely a lot different than what i’m used to.
there was nothing really to do, so we just kinda sat around. mark was super bored. i felt bad. we just kinda sat there watching jdb put down the track.
i recognized glitter box, who had nso’d at the first radicals bout i was at, and pixie bust, who had announced at one of them.
as 6:00 approached, jen and tara set up the merch table which i would be manning with ali during the second half. sara and i excitedly watched as our girls warmed up on the track. it was then that i realized the floor was tiled, all over! the girls wheels made that annoying click click click sound constantly, reminding me of my wheel with all the flat spots on it! mj said the floor wasnt that bad, she thought she’d be all over the place. that would have annoyed me to skate on it!
finally it was time for the bout to start, and it’s a good thing tara told me i was sitting on the wrong side, haha. i guess it didnt matter though, because on our side it was mostly jdb fans anyway. i was pissed that i had to sit in little kid chairs in the back because the front rows were all reserved – i was even more pissed that those people had not shown up yet at the start of the bout to even occupy them! how rude.
as i watched the radicals huddle and get ready to do thier intros, i felt a pang of sadness. i felt really left out :/ it also really stung to see mallory’s family there, and shannon’s parents sitting proud in the front row in thier venus envy shirts taking pictures and video. mum told me that even if i was skating, she still wouldnt go that far to see my bout 😦
but i digress. the introductions were made, i cheered for everyone, and the bout started. (without a demo) after the first 2 jams, we were down by a few points, and i was wondering if they’d put mj in to jam a lot or not a lot. and then she was up there! i was so excited to see how she did. well she did really well. i was surprised to see her get knocked down quite a bit, but i guess its to be expected because she is a very tiny girl. there was no one else out there who was as small as her! she kept getting up though, and getting through. i was so proud of her.
after a while of sitting in that little fucking chair, i just stood up most of the time to see better and cheer. mark was bored out of his mind i could tell. he was texting with his friend sara who lives in nyc all night, which was only a 20 minute drive farther (traffic not included). i encouraged him to just go visit her and pick me up later, but he didnt wanna risk getting stuck in traffic. i’m really glad mark stuck around to support my cause, i know roller derby is not his thing. hell, sometimes its not my thing!
but this game totally cured my ADD/bout short attention span, wandering mind. at least temporarily. especially after the first half was over and i sat at the merch table with ali. it psyched me up to be able to talk about it as it was happening with ali. mark stood by, and bought me pizza from the snack table ❤
the score was pretty close, the most the corporal punishers would be up is by 12 points, and then we'd tie it up and so on. ali and i both commented that dusty didnt seem up to speed like she is at practices. maybe she was tired or sick. mj got a penalty one time for not having her mouth guard in on the jammer line when first whistle blew! eek.
it was the end of the game, and we were losing but i still thought we could pull ahead, i was goin crazy with the cowbells which were readily available at the merch table, screaming and cheering, jumping up and down – and it ended up tied!
so it went into overtime! me and ali were so hyped up. and then we saw mj on the jammer line! wooo, splash mountain! i was like dang if that was me, id feel so much pressure and poop out lol… but mj did amazing and racked up like 18 points on that last time, and we won. i was so excited. the ending score was 127 to 141. i think even mark got into it at the end.
what started off as a boring, tense day ended up pretty awesome 🙂
it does bother and puzzle me that mj started a week before me with derby, and is already a fuckin rockstar at it. i guess she was just born to play derby, and i wasnt. some day i will be in a bout though. someday.