there really wasnt that many more girls than usual there on tuesdays practice but the line looked so much longer during weaves! i was dissapointed in how long it took me to do my weave. then towards the end of my backwards weave i got frustrated that i had to keep slowing down and then itd take me a while to catch back up, and i fell on my ass so i quit with 4 people to go. then we did swedish where 2 people go and the person behind holds up fingers for the front person to see and call out. yuck.
then we did a pack drill to concentrate on looking at the pivot and jen on the “bench” holding up the red bandana which meant slow down or stop. i guess i was having an off night cuz when we’d speed up i couldnt catch up half the time.
then we practiced lineups in scrimmages, and i only had to go in once. it was kind of a mess. everyone was pissed at everyone else, and it looked like a clusterfuck out there to me. everyone acknowledged it was not a great practice. then we did freeze tag for the last 15 minutes and i didnt think i’d have fun, i didnt wanna do it, but it turned out to be fun! i’m so glad i’m not in the bout. everyone seems to be totally stressin and freaked out about it.
mum finally got back to me and told me she will not be going to the bout, because it is at night time. duh! she already knew that. luckily mark said he’ll take me. i wonder if i’ll be able to sit and watch the game with him…