i finally had some good practices last week. practices that made me feel good about myself, not bad. thursday erin go braless guest coached again. i thought that was weird, so close to the bout. they had said they wanted to practice line ups for the bout, but i guess not everyone was there. this week is mandatory to do that. then at the end of this month it starts the one practice a week i think. its only for a little bit like that. til christmas maybe.
anyway, this past weekend was inkin the valley convention, and our team was invited to have a booth set up there! i was psyched when i heard because that means i wouldnt have to pay to get in! i went friday and saturday. it was a lotta fun. i felt so special, people kept asking us for pictures and stuff. we were supposed to escort the sideshow performers out to the stage but we didnt need to do that after all. we just hung out by our booth, skated around, handed out recruitment flyers. i hope some girls join! and guys, we need refs.
mallory and i got up on stage to help tyler fyre and thrill kill jill of the ducky daredevil show, while they practiced thier knife throwing segment. we had to hold up a red curtain so the audience couldnt see them practice. i was scared of falling, or rolling off the stage, AND jill was throwing them at tyler holding the board, who was right next to me, so i was afraid she’d miss and i’d get impaled!
i got to hang out and bond with the girls who came to the convention, it was a good time. then saturday night jen held a derby girl sleepover party afterwards! i followed mallory up to her house. it was me, tara, mj, shannon, joceyln, ali, mal, and sara. the latter 3 didnt sleep over. we hung out talking on the kitchen floor for the longest time, then tara taught us how to clean our skate wheels and bearings and i learned a little about them. turns out what could be the cause of me skidding out around turns is because my wheels are bald! i noticed the right inside one has a bunch of flat spots on it. bad! also, my bearings only have 3 balls in them. tara said that could make me slower than my ability. most have 5 balls, or 7 or 9 is best. i only got 3! crazy. so i really need new wheels :/ tara said she’d get me the bearing balls from her work for free.
i hope one of my wheels doesnt fall off at practice tomoro. we’re all probably going to have to adjust them once we get on them. i need to buy my own skate tool. i wonder if i’ll even do anything at practice this week since i’m not on the roster.
it looked to me like everyone said theyre sleeping over after the bout, but i dont want to. so if my parents didnt go then i wouldnt be able to go, i wouldnt have a ride home since everyones staying at a hotel. but i think i heard tara say she wasnt staying over. even if my parents dont go, maybe mark will drive with me anyway. i hope. in a way i feel like i dont need to be at the bout at all, since im not playing. but i also really wanna see how mj, mal, and shannon do since its thier first time playing.
we stayed up talking about crazy shit til 5am saturday night, it was such a fun sleepover! 🙂 its great having a derby family.