at tuesday’s practice we did 3 minutes of hell each way. it sucked! my endurance really blows. after like 3 or 4 laps around, my legs feel like jello. then thursday we did 4 minutes of hell both ways! tuesday the opposite direction was killing me because i couldnt do cross overs that way. but thursday i worked on them and am getting a little better at them.
tuesday night i felt really frustrated and discouraged and tweeted that i felt like i suck at roller derby… i’m kinda just still doing it for the workout. thats definitely how i felt.
thursday i was feeling better. we had just enough girls to scrimmage again and were only allowed to positionally block. i got to jam once, and it was both easier and harder to get through since there was no hitting! jen said i did really well jamming. beforehand, she took me aside and said she and beck n hateher had been watching me, and realized that my boobs are pulling me forward! although theyre always saying get low, i actually need to straighten up a bit. hmmph! i’ve always hated these darn big ol’ boobs! so theres just another reason to lose some weight – just to get my boob size down so they dont keep pulling me forward.
in team news, jackie kennedie quit. she was on the roster too! mal said we will probably skate short at our bout next month. her, venus, and mj will be on roster for their first times.
thursday was another adult skate event from 6 to 9, and the roller radicals were supposed to promote and be there. i went around 7:30, none of my freinds wanted to go, not even donald! we also didnt go skating wednesday. but yeah, there were only about 5 paying customers the whole night! on the other hand, 2 of them were girls who stayed to watch some of our practice and are interested in joining the team perhaps! one of them is my friend nicole from dunmore. we really need some new girls. mal said kat von bleed isnt coming back she doesnt think, and freak is doing ice hockey for the winter i think. not sure if shes coming back to derby. i feel like our girls are dropping like flies! how does williamsport already have 2 teams and they just started up?