thursday i went to practice for only an hour. knowing i wouldnt be there for that long was good motivation! i usually take 2 tylenol when i get to practice, because my lower back hurts so bad during the time we skate around doing weaves, hop-weaves, swedish, etc. being straightedge, i’m not a pill popper. i used to be totally opposed to taking an advil for a headache. but as the years go by, i get less and less enthusiastic about suffering. in high school i was pretty militant 😛
anyway, so thursday night i went without the tylenol. (it used to be advil liquigels until nicole told us all we shouldnt take that before a practice… cant really remember the reason. but shes a doctor!) i wanted to see how i fared without it. my back was screaming! but then again, it still does sometimes anyway.
we did our warmup skating and then our weaves and stuff, and my left shin was so cramped i couldnt wait to stretch. after stretching the rest of the girls practiced jumping with the limbo stick while liberty, ali, and myself helped nicole learn how to skate in a pack. it felt cool to be the expert. well not expert, but someone who was more advanced that someone else at least. nicole was making noises like she was in pain as we slowly skated around in a small oval in derby stance, rotating positions. i remembered what it felt like the first month or so of practice, when being in derby stance KILLED my back, and thighs. i’m so glad i’m past that!!
then it was 10 so i left. i was in a good mood and kind of even wanted to stay!
you know something, among many other things, that slips my mind when we’re scrimmaging? hip checks. i totally forgot all about hip checks. i will have to remind myself that they exist next practice. i’m itching for tuesdays practice to get here!