so at the last two practices we have more people than usual so we got to do scrimmages. tuesday it was vets vs newbies, and i was feeling bad about myself because beck n hateher was bench coaching my team, and she kept yelling that we werent helping the jammer or breaking up walls. i knew she was talking about me. i didnt know how to get through if 3 of the other team were in front of me! liberty was talking and then asked if we had any questions, so i asked how do u break up a wall. she explained and demonstrated but i still felt shy about it. i didn’t do it still after that :/ i felt pretty useless at the end of that practice.
some good news is that last thursday jen announced that chrissy, aka masumi is officially on our team now! before she just came to some practices i guess. she’s skated on other team(s) so she’s good, i like her 🙂 so its cool to have another team member.
thursday we scrimmaged again and i felt more confident being at least a little aggressive. i leaned into people to push them to the right, but if i’d try to do a shoulder block to the left side its not as easy. probably because i’m right handed so thats my dominant side. i feel like i’m slowly getting better in scrimmage situations.
wednesday i went skating with donald and paul and chelsea came, and venus from derby… and i totally embarassed myself. this kid cut out in front of me when i was going pretty fast, and it was either too sudden or i panicked but i totally ran into him, knocked him over, and fell on top of him!!! i was mortified. i felt really guilty, i was like i’m so sorry, are you alright? he got up slowly and was holding his elbow :/ whoops. i didnt even want to be there any longer after that, i felt so embarassed, like all the kids were looking at me like i was a monster. by the end of the night i had a blister where i’d had one before on my right foot. and after practice thursday night, it really hurt. i got another blister on top of where i’d popped the other one and ripped the skin off! maybe i shouldnt go skating every wednesday. i looked for special blister bandaids today but didnt find any. i thought they made those? i just put some neosporin on it and a bandaid on. i think i really need inserts for my skates.
oh and while doing a plough stop drill i fell and my right elbow pad came down and i was bleeding. its not too bad of a scrape, but it looked pretty cool dripping blood haha… oh and i have 2 crazy black and blue knees!