tuesday night was a good practice night 🙂 it was a small group of us as per usual, but dusty was back. while we were warm up skating, i was thinking i cant wait to stretch. i dont think we should do anything until after we stretch. but dusty suggested we do some other stuff before stretching! we went in opposite direction sticky skating for a while which was a nice change of pace. then we did the weave and backwards weave and swedish. opposite direction swedish is hard cuz i cant crossover that way! then we got drinks and went through our stretches.

then we did a four jam points drill in both directions at 75% speed. i think i did alright at that. liberty was down the end working with nicole, the new girl who’s a doctor. we did a 180 and 360 drill. i got frustrated with that, as usual. when liberty taught us how to break it down by swinging your foot in a semi circle, thats fine for if youre standing, but i cant do that when i’m moving! with each 180, i got more and more scared and tensed up. i dunno what it is about it, i dont trust myself. i kept falling. i was just working on them alone at the one end while the other girls were doing the drill on the track. ugh.

then we did weaving with cones and jumps with the limbo bar. the last time we did weaving with the cones was when i was pretty new – and i sucked! i hated that all the other girls did it so effortlessly! but guess what? now i can do that too! hooray 🙂 progress. i did my jumps over the bar one foot at a time because i cant get very far off the ground when i do a two foot jump.

we had enough girls to do a scrimmage, but not technically cuz one of them was nicole. so we did 4 on 1’s. shannon kept getting by my inside line cuz shes so skinny, grr! and then it happened. ellie asked me if i wanted to jam. i said sure! i asked her and burger to explain to me what “leading with your shoulder”meant exactly. turns out, its more like hit with ur shoulder to make a spot to get through! who knew?

ali, mj, ellie and liberty were blocking, and instructed to take it easy on me, no hard hits, just positional blocking. and guess what? i got through! not once, not twice, but 3 times! victory! liberty was b3 and her ass, bert as we call it, was blocking me and slowing me down. but she let me get through the one time cuz she could tell i was having trouble i think.

i remembered something someone said to a jammer one time, find the weakest link and just go for it. so i did just that – and got past ali twice! the one time i was trying to get through i fell on my ass really hard. not just hard, like usual. it was reallly hard, i felt like i was gonna cry! it took me a minute to get up, and then i was like whattt, shit this hurts!

the next day it still hurt. it made it so its kind of hard to walk. i must have pulled a muscle or something. i took advil for it all day yesterday and that helped. today its not too bad, it just hurts if i try to stand up after sitting for too long. yesterday i didnt let it deter me from going rollerskating for fun though. i went to wacky wednesday with donald. it wasnt very crowded at first, and i took the opportunity to skate around real fast 🙂 but as more kids came out onto the rink, i felt a strange sensation: i felt comfortable!

normally i get real scared when theres a group of kids up ahead of me, but apparently i’m more confident in my weaving skills because i felt comfortable skating around them in close proximity. yay! i had a really good night, my crossovers felt so free without my kneepads on for once. i’ve never thought my pads obscured my abilities. i got so sweaty, donald pointed out a sweat spot on my butt, and when i got home i was embarassed to see that it looked like i’d peed myself! i connected with that part of skating that i love though, the feeling of freedom and the wind blowing my hair off my face 🙂 i feel ready and able to kick ass at practice tonight!