we’d been doing so many 4-on-1’s lately, but thursday enough people finally showed up to practice so we were able to do a scrimmage. i was lost! its so different than 4 on 1s… much faster, and more confusing :/ tuesday i got to practice as positions other than b1. b1 is my security blanket. i’m alright at b3, at least the yelling part. “jammer coming up on the out! on the in!” but i get too into the yelling and forget to even block. as b2 i’m just shit. its too big of an area for me to cover.
we’ve done some more toe stop stuff, i’m definitely better than that first night but i’m still pretty bad. ive learned to be patient though, i can attribute that to derby at least! everything will come in time. it may be a little time, or a longggg time… but practice will eventually make perfect. 🙂
lets see, what else… we did pyramids thursday around the big track, and mallory blew me away! i hope i can be real fast someday. by the middle of pyramids though, i was just beat, and its hard to push yourself when youre beat!
tomoro i’m going on my second roller radicals road trip. to harrisburg for a hard vs providence bout! i’m not sure if they still need nso’s, but hopefully i’ll just get to watch the game this time and not be stuck with a job. i’m also extremely broke, so hopefully we’ll get in for free, jen said they did last time.
i got my wftda rule book in the mail finally on tuesday. and its tiny! i didnt realize its a pocket version for refs :/ oh well. i’m halfway through it, the words are so tiny. there are so many rules, how will i ever remember them all??
also, dusty, one of our captains, and star jammer, is taking a leave. thats big because she may or may not be back to jam in our bout in november! so far in bouts ive seen only burger, dusty, beck n hater and mel (once) have jammed. i’m hoping mj gets to jam in the bout, shes so fast and just like a spaghetti noodle. so tiny! i have yet to jam in any 4 on 1s or anything at practice… if i ever do, i’ll be so scared!