at practice last night we practiced the correct way to give and take a whip. i am much better at taking a whip! and my bad shoulder is hurttttin today from trying to whip liberty, and all the table wiping at work! ack. its really fun to take a whip though. except the first few times liberty gave me one i flew real fast and fell right on my ass/back and actually hit my head off the floor! i thought i was fine but after a bit i had a headache. first time thats happened!

before hand whips we did hip whips and i learned how to take hip whips better. my partner was mj and she’s soo tiny i felt really weird trying to steal her momentum! when we were skating around the track doing hip whip weaves the right way and then the opposite way, i got sooo cramped up in my back, and tired. i fell a few times and was flailing just to keep up. i was exhausted!

it was a very small practice again last night, possibly because it was dues night. i told courtney i couldnt pay til next week. i’m super broke again! where’d all that money from my 401k go?? tuesday there was about a normal amount of girls at practice, and we’ve just been doing 4 on 1’s a lot. i fancy myself an alright b1, holding that inside line, but if i fall, it always takes me too long to catch back up with the pack :/

we also did something called useless jammer where the jammer isnt allowed to try to get through the pack, her team mates have to push/pull her through or give her whips, etc. while the other team is blocking them from doing so. half the time i was so confused, i didnt know whose team i was on cuz we werent doing blacks n whites, so i didnt know if i was supposed to be blocking or helping through the pack! so i just skated around with the pack like an idiot lol… but when it came my turn to jam, ellie was trying her damnedest to get me through and i kept falling and it took too long and i was the only one who never got through 😦