thursday’s practice was pretty small, just like tuesdays! and liberty, ellie, jen, tara, dusty, and courtney were having a little meeting by the concession stand too. so it was another very intimate practice! we played freeze tag at the end.
hmm… what else of interest happened at practice? i should have blogged that night instead of waiting days. now my memory is failing me. i do know that i did my weave and swedish in a timely manner šŸ™‚
oh yeah, we practiced walking on our toe stops, a first for me! it is hard! burger was holding my hands and i fell a bunch of times anyway. it was frustrating! after that my legs were shaky. i’m not used to using that front shin muscle.
i kind of like when practice is smaller like that. i feel less shy when i’m in a smaller group of people.
jen had a pool party sunday and i had sort of a hard time finding her house, but i was glad i went. there is a new girl who watched our practice last week named nicole who is joining, she came to the party. she’s a doctor. i took my taco dip and everyone loved it, especially liberty, who was celebrating her birthday weekend šŸ™‚
i went back to work yesterday and today was the first day the students were back at school, so i made sure to take a nap after work. i’m not used to getting up early just yet, so hopefully i’ll do fine with working and having practices. i think soon they’ll be going down to once a week.