ahh i love a good practice. as in, a practice that makes me feel good, not bad. tuesday was just that. not many girls were there, our stretch circle was tiny! i did the weave, and the backwards weave!, AND finished my swedish in a timely manner. yay! i’m sure to all the veteran girls these dont seem like accomplishments at all, but to me they are a big deal.

we played simon says, and i think my legs were feeling weak already from the former and then sprinting and falling on command, so when jen called out simon says jump – i fell on my ass! suzie streaker had just asked me earlier that day if i could use her butt guard and i said naaahh… but yeah, when i’m feeling fatigued, jumps arent that easy. otherwise i think i’m alright!

for the rest of the night we did 4 on 1’s. i think i participated in like 4 of them. at one point i fell on my ass hard. maybe i should take mallory’s slider pads. i dont know why i’m falling on my butt so much lately. :/ but yeah, sometimes i would fall behind and be totally useless to my other blockers cuz i’d be trying to just catch the hell up. but i think i also did pretty okay. liberty was very helpful, telling me what to do – hug that inside line!

then last night i went rollerskating at wacky wednesday. i went solo early, but throughout the night a lot of my freinds showed up. paul said i’m a much better skater than i used to be, and donald said i’m getting really fast. 🙂 go, me! i had a really fun night, i was just skating up a storm, but my right foot was in pain. i could tell i was getting a blister, and i told myself to sit down. i just couldnt though! even though it hurt, i kept skating lol… call me a glutton for punishment. i was so sweaty by the end of the night. fun times!