last tuesday i went to my first roller radicals post bout meeting. it was at burgers house in wb, we all met up and carpooled from the rink. it was a fun time, me, cj, and suzie streaker ate all the chips and salsa πŸ™‚ i found out that the 2 girls who played at our bout but ive never seen at a practice skate for other teams, they just join us to fill out our roster. so now i know!
also, during the winter skateaway will be charging per night for our practices instead of per month so we’ll probably go down to one a week. yikes! i wish there was more than 2 now! kat took roll for who was planning on going to the cirque du soul event, our names were on the shirts and they needed us to do dif jobs there. it was a cancer benefit. mallory, jackie and me got assigned 50/50 raffle. it sounded pretty cool so i was actually excited about it! we were told to dress total derby and we could even skate! i was 15 mins late but still the first person from rr there. i expected lots more people to show up, but it was still fun. i got to bond with my derby sisters πŸ™‚ mal said they were going out to twist afterwards so i was psyched to dance! the event went from 7 – midnight, and finally it was over… we drove seperate and of course i took a wrong turn and got totally lost. somehow i ended up in jessup or throop or whatnot. it was scary but mark guided me back to 81 over the phone. the other girls got to the club as late as i did too though, so we only got an hour in there. it was fun though! its awesome making new friends.
its sunday night now so i cant really remember all that happened at practice thursday night, but i do know that it was a good night. yay for good derby nights!
liberty had all the fresh meat skate with the rest of the group and we did, i dunno, joint swedishes? in a pair where one person was the jammer and one was the blocker. my partner was ali, and no disrespect to her at all, but it feels really good to be farther along than someone else finally. instead of just the slowest one all the time. it makes me feel less shitty about myself, and if that makes me a bad person then so be it. i think that came out wrong, but hopefully you get my jist.
we did a drill where we had to skate normal speed, then 100% speed for 30 seconds, do falls, etc, and boy did that wear me out! it wore everyone out though i think. but the really great part was – i didn’t feel completely dissapointed and down about myself for once! woo, progress.