i was really excited for the bout this time, even though i knew less of my freinds were coming to see it than last time. but still as i was getting ready i felt a little nervous! i said to mark, i can’t imagine how the girl who actually play feel before a bout.
my parents called and said they wouldnt be coming because it was storming so bad out there. i was really dissapointed, but i also dont like to drive in the rain so i can see where they were coming from. i really wanted my brother to see what this is all about though while hes in visiting. oh well, theres always future bouts.
guess what was there when i got to skateaway! my jersey!! yay 🙂 i went and put it on right away. it looked kinda big but fit well. mj got hers, as did allie. allie’s name is nutín-but-trouble, hehe cool. like last time there was quite a bit of standing around waiting for a job to be assigned. i helped happy put some of the track down. it sucks that its such a pain to put down perfectly just to be ripped up a few hours later. such is the derby life though! happys boyfriend bj was coming to the bout, i was jealous that my bf wasnt coming too. i wanted him there to show his support for me! even if i wasnt skating in it. diane brought bryon and her parents. they used to go to roller derby 40 years ago in ny! her mom said during halftime that it was much faster and more violent back then.
i was score keeper again, and there were a few mix ups with the score board and me, cuz lethe l. injection, my jam ref, had small hands and they couldnt always see her numbers she held up. allie had the job of going over and correcting the scoreboard though, and she did great. i forget the end score, but we lost. something like 118 to 130-something. it was dissapointing that we lost but it was still a really great time!

i helped clean stuff up and packed my table up and headed over to meet diane at rodanos for the after party. it was pretty empty. but there WERE free fries, and i was starving! i didnt stay for long, but i enjoyed a $4 mini pizza and shirley temple 🙂
i dont know when our next bout is, but i hope its soon! a lot of people came, i think it was a full house again which rules, especially for a sunday night in wb! the barker from the other team commented on what a great team we were for just starting up less than a year ago 🙂 i felt very proud.