tuesday’s practice was kind of uneventful. i wish every practice night could be a good practice night for me. those make me feel so great about myself!
i went through the weave by myself again, and i think i’m getting better at it. i definitely feel more confident doing it, and thats half the battle!
me, zak, john, allie and liberty did a mini swedish 2 lap on the inside track, which made me feel like i’m going backwards since ive done the real one. as much as i hate it, it pushes me.
then our little group went down to the end and did plough stop drills, and non dominant foot t stops which i cant get down! i was practicing 180s though and i’m able to break it down and do it now! i was holding my arms out like a dancer, that does help.
oh and we did a one knee fall pop up drill. that first night when diva was doing fall drills with the fresh meat i thought i could never be able to pop back up quickly, ever, not in a million years. but guess what? i’m on my way there! i was surprised at how much easier it’s gotten. so that was good.
my really dissapointing part of the night was when everyone did the pack cycling excercize, i thought okay i’m probably better at this now! i’ll try it again.” nope… i’m still terrified with that many girls around me 😦 i’m fine when its just 4 of us! plus we’re going slower then too. this time i made the mistake of picking my foot up and i think i almost tripped someone, and then i dont even know what happened, but i fell. someone’s sweaty body part put a smear on my glasses too, so my right eye was blurry for the rest of the night! whine, whine. but yeah i sat that shit out after i fell. i felt defeated, like ohh i’m still sucky when i thought i’d made progress. i really should have got back in there and kept trying. oh well, theres always next time. i just realized that i have a long, long, longgggg way to go before i could ever play in a bout :/