tonight was wacky wednesday and i invited a lot of people but it was just me and donald who went. i love when mark gets the item from his work and i get to skate for freee-heee! it was quite packed w kids tonight which i dont like, cuz the fast show off snot noses cut in front of me and i just get scared i’m gonna run into some kid and get sued.
but i feel a lot more confident on my skates than i have at past wednesday skates. apparently i got too confident cuz at the end of the night i got too low doing cross overs around a turn and fell! if only i’d had my knee pads on. i fell right on them. then later i fell on my left knee only! i’m worried about weather they’ll be sore and bruised tomoro, but mostly tonight they really just stung! i guess thats rink rash, where it almost takes a layer of skin off, and its just a little raw? ouch. i feel really dumb about it :/
as for tuesday, practice ruled. i’ve found that the ache in my left knee that starts as soon as i set foot on the track for warm up skating goes away after getting oiled up for a while.
i did a weave by myself again, and then we did double swedish laps. as it got closer to my turn, i felt more and more nervous. i didnt want a repeat of last week, that was too mortifying :/ it was my turn and i felt like i was gonna be sick! but i did it, and it took me a while but i did it at least.
then lulu, allie freshmeat, zak and libertys bf john aka amanda hugnkiss went down to the end to do a little work shop w libery. thats what i’m calling it anyway.
she had a list of skills to work on with us. tstops, plough stops, crossovers, duck walk, 180 turns, etc. tstops on ur non dominant foot is just awkward shit! and like impossible.
the 180s though, that is something that i can’t wrap my brain grapes around. it happens so fast, its one of those things i cant break down how to do and i cant do until it happens on accident! but i didnt get frustrated like i would have in the past. i got it a few times. once i fell on my ass and it actually really hurt. what the hell, ive got enough padding on my ass, it didnt hurt falling on it the first 50 times. why is it hurting all of a sudden?
then we did a thing where we packed it up and zak and john were on a “team” one in front and one in back, trying to pass eachother a green spikey ball liberty brought.
that game was alright, but the guys got so aggressive. guys are so competitive! i like playing with girls better.