last night was not my night. there was a new girl and she stole my jen away. not really, but jen told me to go with the big girls. i held onto burger for weaves again, scary scary. we did some timing drill thing from harrisburg and venus was my partner and i sucked at it. and when i tried to skate back into the line i fell on my tit in front of everyone. i suck suck suck. i fell on my ass on the second time around, struggled to get up falling again, and then couldnt get my spot in the line again so i gave up and went over to jen.
it was the first time ive felt like crying since i started. she told me i’ve graduated. i told her i dont wanna! she said i can stay with her for 6 months if i want, but right now i cant keep up with the other girls so i should work on edurance.
did i mention i ran into a wall in front of everyone trying to turn around? the only good part of last night was that i debued (sp?) my name and number… SHARK LEGS 45! and everyone thought it was cool. when i went on my turn on a speed drill they all started chanting dun-nun! dun-nun! hehe, that was special 🙂
halfway through practice i just really wanted to go home, i couldnt wait until it was over. luckily it went quick last night. probably because we did warm up skating for so long! i was beginning to wonder if we would ever stretch and start. also, i practiced plough stops which im still not good at, and the hello kitty move. i can sorta do that with my right leg but not my left… :/