i realized i didnt blog about sunday at all yet! we had a scrimmage with harrisburg, it was my first road trip with the roller radicals! i was really nervous. i was the second to show up at skateaway for 11:30. i thought thered be a big van we’d load into but it was 4 cars holding 13 people, plus beck n hatehers kids. i rode down in tara’s car with sandy and jen. at first i felt really awkward and shy but after a while i was more comfortable! it helped than jen said i’m officially the cutest girl ever cuz i pulled out a baggy of goldfish crackers and juice box from my bag! hehe 🙂
the ride wasnt too bad. i was so glad it was air conditioned in the car. actually though it started raining on the way down. there was a radio weather warning for a tstorm with possible hail stones! that never happened though. we stopped at turkey hill for gas on the way down, and then arbys for food. where i learned that the rocky cross promotion is this coming weekend and its a rocky horror picture show performance! its in nj.
as soon as i walked into the olympic skating center and saw that shiny floor, i really wished i could skate on it. thier rink was a little more 70s than ours, all yellow and orange waves.
roxy, the captain, was so tiny! her legs were like twigs. she was real nice and informative and helpful. everyone got in circle to stretch and introduce themself. unfortunately i had to do it too. i just said my names kristle and ive only been doing it a month so i dont have a derby name yet, im learning. liberty’s bf john said his name was amanda hugnkiss which i didnt get at first but thought was really funny! haha.. there was a girl who looked like my friend marla named scarlet joslamsen. and a girl named oscar the ouch! hehe…
everyone started off doing drills and stuff, then they scrimmaged and then they did it team against team. i paid close attention to shannon cuz shes only been doing derby for 2 months and i wanna see where i should be soon… and amanda cuz it was her first scrimmage.
after that roxy showed our team lots of different things, i cant remember thier names now but one is the hello kitty, where you open your legs real wide haha… i cant wait until i can do all that. it was supposed to go 2 to 6 but the rink double booked so it ended at 5, and then roxy showed us, even me!, outside hip checks with a pop up. i did mine with supermanda, and even though my shoulder isnt visibly bruised, its really tender from that excersize!
every stood around talking for a while after that, but i was getting bored and ready to go home and see mark and cujo… finally we left, this time i rode with tara, jen and shannon (venus envy).
we stopped at perkins and got a table for 12. it was a fun time! on the ride home i totally bonded with the girls in my car over a very non pc joke about jackie falling in front of a lady with one leg… it felt really good to laugh with a bunch of girls. then talk of sexuality, derby names, and finding shapes in clouds 🙂

and before i knew it we were home at skateaway! road trips might not be all that bad…
ps: i finally decided on a derby name and number! i order my jersey tonight i think. cant wait to get back to skating!