well there hasn’t been any practice this week. i wonder if it’s always like that the week after a bout? tuesday there was a meeting instead of practice. i went to a movie earlier instead of late so i could go to the meeting… but i got totes sick at the movie and coudlnt go to the meeting anyway! i felt really bad, i wanted to go and show that i’m a reliable member of this team :/
yesterday i went to wacky wednesday with my friend sha because i was just itching to skate again. my knees hurt a lot, probably from running at the gym. they arent good with shock these days.
sha brought her rollerblades but she wasnt very comfortable on them, and they were defective so we didnt stay long. i’m still not totally comfortable skating when theres a lotta kids on the floor, but i’m definitely better than i was. jen was there skating! which is a big deal because she broke her ankle at her 2nd derby practice back in like october, and now is bench coach and all around stuff doer… but it’ll be awesome if/when she plays on the team! shes so sweet.
she told me that the aspca benefit at skateaway tonight means theres no practice either, it goes from 7 to 10. so i guess i’ll be all rested for practice next week!
i’m probly going to skate again tonight, even though my thighs are sore from doing squats yesterday and my knees are definitely sore :/ ….