i was super excited for the roller radicals first home bout all week. it was my first bout and even though i wasnt skating in it, i told everyone i knew to come just to watch! i had a few freinds who were definitely coming, and a ton of people put they they were maybe coming. of course when push came to shove only 4 actually showed up, so poo on everyone else. seriously, everyone who didn’t come out to show thier support for the roller radicals, for the no kill shelter we were donating to, or for me and my new hobby can go fly a kite.
they all missed an awesome game! i thought i was just going to be watching and learning, but jen and bettie mercury had other plans. i was put on the job to be the official score keeper. i was sooo nervous! did you know there is more than one ref? theres jammer refs, one of whom i had to keep my eye on to get the points for each pass in each jam!! i was so afraid i was going to mess things up, but i’m pretty sure i didnt. bettie was right, throwing yourself in there is the best way to learn something. it was uber exciting. for the first period i kept score for the home team, and for the second i switched with the other score keeper and did it for the visiting team, the boardwalk brawlers.
i had no idea what all went into a bout. there were like 4 refs, an announcer, people in the middle to keep track of penalties, and we all had to work together to keep up with everything. it was just crazy!
shannon, aka venus envy, was in the middle with me as well, turns out she’s only been doing this for 2 months. i totally thought she was a seasoned pro, and surprised to not see her on the roster. there were also 3 girls on our roster who i’ve never even seen at practice yet! maybe they are players who live far and only come to play.
either way, we started off kicking some major ass. we were in the lead by a ton, but then all of a sudden the brawlers started catching up. burger and dusty are the best jammers ever, they put the brawlers jammers to shame! i can’t wait until i can play some day. i want to be a jammer 🙂
i admit i was slightly horrified at the overall turnout. with all the promoting they did i really expected the place to be packed to the gills. mark and diane said its thier first game though, after this, everyone who came will go and tell thier freinds to come next time. i hope attendance only gets better! i cant wait for the next home bout august 15th.
i was kind of afraid my sporthater side would come out while watching and i’d be turned off to roller derby. maybe it was just because i was score keeper, but that was definitely not the case. it was exhilirating!
go roller radicals! ❤