wednesday there was a meet n greet at hot topic for the roller radicals, so i went up. unfortunately i do not have a shirt or jersey, or even own a purple shirt! so i looked kind of out of place with jen, liberty, burger, jocelyn, ellie and zac up there. oh well. i thought there was going to be more traffic in hot topic from 6 to 7! it was kinda dead, and mostly younger patrons. we got to hand out some flyers though. ellie’s really good at pr, she had this rehearsed speech to say to people when she approached them. i on the other hand only did it once, too shy! and felt dumb cuz i wasnt wearing a purple shirt like my team mates.

then last night we promoted at rodano’s. its quite a nice large, dimly lit bar these days on the square. i used to go there for shows in the back room when it was on n main street. anyway, i showed up first even though i was late and was like well shit, i guess i’ll just go see donald at the cafe and go home, but as i was walking over there sandy (burger) was walking towards the bar. i stood outside with her while she had a cigarette and liberty, ellie, zac and this blue haired fellow named john i think? showed up. along with jocelyn, the oldest member of the team. i know this because of the article in diamond city. the radicals made it into the weekender and the diamond city (cover story!) this week. with all the promotion and those appearances and the fact that they were on the radio this morning, i have this feeling that TONS of people are coming to the bout. which would rule! anyway, i spent the majority of the time sitting at a table outside with them while they smoked, drank, and talked about some thing that happened at some derby game a while ago, and i had absolutely nothing to offer to the conversation. i didnt even understand what they were talking about! *sigh* oh well, in time i will hopefully. by 10:45 my throat was sore from smoke, and even though i’d met up with my friend diane there, i left. 2 events in one week down!

now for practice thursday. jen said she would be late, so i was kind of scared, i didnt know what i’d be doing without my jen. just skating circles in the corner while all the “big girls” did their real derby thing? haha. but jen was there so all was good. i did a bunch of things with the real girls again this time after working on cross overs first. jen said i have all the basics down except cross overs (oh? i didnt know this) so a girl who was on leave, lulu snapper who was just back, was assigned to help me get used to skating close. she didnt have much luck, mostly gave me pointers on derby stance, and slalom sticky skates! she explained it in a different way than the other girl who was helping me the one night, and i did much better! but as for skating close, we didnt really work on that.

but of course i got thrown in to pack skating later in practice where the goal was to get up front at least twice, and rotate spaces… omg i do not like this. i now realize that i do have a biggest fear in life and it is skating in a pack! i don’t know what i’m doing! its so scary. i dont know what to do when i’m coming up behind someone too close, how do u slow down? then of course when i fell behind i was super far behind and couldnt catch up. i think i’ll be fine with roller derby as long as i never actually play roller derby.

then we did pyramids, and i was – you guessed it, the slowest one. i didnt feel so bad because heather was injured so she was also lagging, but i still felt like a charity case at the end when everyone would be yelling come on kristle, you got this! then we did it the opposite direction! ugh.

on the bright side, at thursday’s practice, my lower back didn’t hurt quite as much as tuesday, and i was overall much less sore.