i went back to practice last night, and i feel great about it! first thing, i drive up and ellie and heather are smiling at me and welcoming me back šŸ™‚
omg the heat though – after just warm up skating and doing some stretches in the circle, i had sweat pouring down my face! and a week is too long to take off from skating, i realized when i was immediately in pain from just warming up.
the first thing burger had me do was work on crossovers in the small track, right and left. the first few left ones were hard, but then i was fine. jen came over and said she could tell i’ve been working on my balance! then i did them in the opposite direction which i thought was gonna be super hard but i did really well that way too. jen said another week and i won’t need her anymore! wow. so things were looking up!
then i basically did all the stuff with the real girls for the rest of the night! we did some falling drills, which were tough. just because i can’t get up fast, and my knee pads suck. my muscles were worn out and i felt shaky, and i swear, every time i fell on those knee pads it hurt and just made me feel sick to my stomach. i had to sit down, i felt dizzy and overheated and like i could pass out or puke. mallory felt sick too from the heat. the older gentleman who’s always there *papa derby* had rags with some cold water for us to put on our necks to cool down.
lets see what else we did.. tractor trailers, which was fun getting pushed, kinda scary around turns but a rush! and then doing the pushing i wasnt as fast as everyone else, wop wa… plough stop drills, which i didnt do very well at.
oh, and i skated in my first pack! we were supposed to just stay tight and rotate positions, and i was alright at first, though terrified. we went around that track like a bazillion times though, and my back was cramped to hell!! after a while i just couldnt keep up, i fell back too far and just gave up. i felt like crying! i didnt though.
at one point during practice i thought to myself, ‘i’m only doing this to say i do roller derby. i dont actually like doing it!’ i guess i feel like that during practice sometimes, but after i’ve done it and gotten it over with, i feel so good about myself.
i can’t wait until my back is stronger and it doesnt hurt to be in derby stance. does that ever happen?
so tonight is a meet and greet at hot topic in wilkes barre, friday is a promotion at rodano’s that i told ellie i’d go to.. sunday is the bout, and then next sunday is a scrimmage in harrisburg!
i feel like taking a week off was the best thing to do, socially. kind of like it showed the girls that i’m not sure if i want to stick with it, and when i came back they were glad and make more effort to keep me there. is that terrible? oh well, all i know is i feel great šŸ™‚