last night’s practice was definitely not one of the intense ones. i guess cuz ricky wasn’t there, jen had to ref so she didn’t really coach me all night. during warm up skating, the girl who worked with me last time told me i did really well last time, and gave me the tip to hold my ankles, if i’m holding my ankles while skating then i know i have the correct derby stance. that shit is hard! so i was already worn out just from warm up skating before stretches.
first i practiced tstops, some good, some not so good. then the real derby girls were doing a weaving/jumping excersize that i was told to do just the weaving part. burger is so fuckin fast when she weaves between those little cones! i went through twice, and did pretty good on my second try. still i felt like a sped going much slower than the other girls and going around the obstacles instead of jumping over them :/ i felt like they all felt bad for me but were pretending to say i was doing well just to make me feel better. boo-hoo!
then i practiced slalom at the end on and off, and prettymuch just took breaks doing that to stretch out my poor sore lower back, and watched the jams the real girls were practicing. tara asked burger if i was ready to go out in them, and she said no, i have to work on my foot work. where is this foot work? i’d like to learn it plz!
i hope my lower back strengthens up real quick! it gets so cramped at times i dunno what to do! actually it might have been worse on my back last night since i already had cramps anyway. yup it was my first practice on the rag! i saved my last 2 pamprin all day for the night, and was in pain all day! being a gal sucks sometimes.

anyway, hopefully next practice will be positive and challenging at the same time 🙂