i was itching to go rollerskating at wacky wednesday last night since practice was cancelled tuesday! the night didn’t dissapoint. stupid sleeping donald didnt get back to me, i wanted him to drive me since i’m broke and trying to save gas money. BUT i got ahold of my friend marla so we got to hang out πŸ™‚ unfortunately she wasnt too comfortable on skates. she didnt mind just watching and cheering me on though, haha. twas fun, twas fun! i’m definitely getting better at rollerskating in general. i practiced tstops and marla critiqued me. i tried to skate backwards to no avail. one shitty thing is my left knee hurt as soon as i step foot on the track. i dont know if its injured from those rough falls i took when i got the bruises, or if its just sore from practicing? i hope it doesnt always hurt. maybe its normal for it to hurt since i’m right-sided, and it’ll catch up and gain strength in time.
anyway, i got to feel my favorite feeling in the world last night. the wind whipping against my face as i whiz around on my skates πŸ™‚ oh and my legs don’t get as tired from doing continuous sticky skates now!