whoa dudes, thats right. i made progress last night! it ruled!

the first activity of the night was all the real rollergirls were doing a weaving excersize. they were having mj and zak do it cuz theyre good enough, but also me, with burgers help (sandy). i was soo scared! everyones skating around the track in single file, the person from the back weaves in between each person back and forth, then theyre in front. and so on until everyone’s done it. so i just held on to burgers hands and took a little ride. i was totes scared i’d crash and fall and make the whole line just domino down. she was yelling orders to me, what to do, lean this way or that, i dunno i didnt understand, but thankfully i got through it fine. kind of exhilirating.

then i had to practice plough stops more, and i guess i kind of got them. i can sort of do it if i’m doing sticky skates. regular skating not so much. then i practiced t stops which i have gotten better at. i think i can pretty much do a t stop now. yay!

then jen had this girl work with me. i don’t know her name but she has the most tattoos out of the team, and glasses, so i like her. haha. but yeah, first she showed me how to lean your shoulders into your turns. it makes you go so much faster through turns! its cool 🙂

then she had me slowly roll across the floor to a waiting jen who was making funny faces, while i had to keep my eyes on her and my body in derby stance. it hurt my back obvs. next i learned slolum sticky skates! she was calling it skanking around, and at first i was really slow at it, but as the night went on i got faster. she said i was doing a good job! i finally felt like i was learning something and catching on to it. she would explain something, and then do it to show me how. i learn better that way than just hearing it.

so yeah i did slaloms for the rest of the night and my. back. killed. she said its supposed to, but don’t stand up. just stretch it out and keep going. and don’t sit down! cuz then your muscles lock up. so jen let me watch a fake little jam which mj got to be in, but i didnt sit down, i stood.

the night was almost over, and my teacher girl had a few more things to show me. she told me to just do weird things, move around like a fool to get my body used to odd positions and my muscles will keep the memory. she even gave me a quiz while we were taking equipment off. she is a good teacher!

last night was the first time i thought to myself, wow i can really do this! it was a great feeling to catch on to something quickly, because that’s how i usually learn; and i was definitely dissapointed in myself when i didn’t pick up on everything right away the first few practices. so here’s a little pat on the back kristle. way to not give up. you could do this yet!