i guess this blog has started to really turn into a debbie downer. sorry! there’s not really much to say right about now…
last night first thing we did was weave with cones, i kept knocking them down. i felt bad for the girl who had to keep picking them up and putting them back in place :/
sandy aka veronika gettsburger used a tool to tighten my wheels or something, last night was the first time i noticed they were kinda wobbly. so that was nice.
then basically the rest of the night i spent trying to do plough stops. fell more than i’d like to admit. and MJ got to go with the real derby girls and i heard jen tell her she was awesome. great.
i did see zak fall for no reason though, kinda just standing there. it made me laugh and made me feel a little better.
but hey- last night was my first practice where i didnt cry! props to me? oh yeah and i failed the wftda test but so did a few others. now that marks computer is back up, i can read them, i wasnt able to last night on my laptop.

was gonna go to the gym today but i figured i’m going rollerskating tonight with my niece probly so that’ll count for a work out sorta. i painted my nails and they smell funny…