i thought i posted this yesterday but my internet gave out right when i hit publish so i dunno where it went. anyway, i went to the gym yesterday. my thighs have not been sore like they were the day after first practice since then, except for when i’m working on them. i wonder if i’ll ever feel that sore again? haha i hope not…

during practice thursday i remember thinking “no wonder i’m no good at this… theres not enough talking in roller derby!”

at practice tonight theyre giving us tests on the wftda rules and if you want to be considered for the roster for our bout in july you must pass it. obviously i’m not gonna be ready for a bout for a long long time, but i hoped to pass it anyway. but i kinda accidentally got a virus on marks big computer that i was using all the time so its been down. i only got to page like 20 out of 43 plus appendixes… i took the practice test online and failed miserably! so im gonna go read some more of it, even though it doesnt matter….