so last night i got to go over amanda’s and pick up her old knee and elbow pads. her wrist guards are all torn up so i couldn’t use those, but she said my rollerblade wristguards should be fine since they have the hard thingies on them. i had $40 to throw her but she wouldnt take it. she’s such a sweetheart! at least i took her some vegan food mark made last night, curried lentil and potatoes.

her pads are kryptonite and ive looked at a ton of websites about what kind of pads to get for roller derby, and none of them mention kryptonite. amanda did injure her knee in roller derby so i would like to get high end knee pads soon. hers feel a little tight on my knees, like when i bend my knees.

today i went over to the bank parking lot thats been recently resurfaced because i figured it’d be smoother to skate on than the other bank. i put on my helmet and pads, but i left my wrist guards at home oops. turns out its not that much smoother to skate on. plus i shouldn’t be skating outside with my wheels anyway. i’ll probly get new wheels soon. i cleaned them off.

anyway i was practicing t stops which i could never do but i sort of did one tonight. i dunno, it doesnt make me stop entirely it just slows me down. kinda like the plow stop. i need to learn to just STOP! i fell and thank goodness i had the pads on cuz my elbow would be busted! i got a scrape on my hand and just below my knee.

i think after that i was feeling discouraged. i wish i would have gone back to the gym weeks ago to get myself in shape for this but oh well. i will go tomoro morning. today was my last day of work.

i’m having this thought.. what if i can’t do it?