hi, i’m kris! i’m a 12 year old girl in the body of a 26 year old lunch lady. nice to meetcha.
so i’ve decided to join roller derby and this is my blog about it.
in the past, going to a rollerskating rink didn’t really appeal to me ever, probably because i didn’t like the idea of doing something i didn’t feel confident about, in front of strangers, with the possibily (or probability) of falling in front of said strangers.
about 8 years ago my nieces birthday party was at a rink, and fresh out of high school, i didn’t want to embarass myself in front of family so, no i didnt skate.
in the past year or two though, my friend diane obtained a boyfriend (now ex) who frequently took her on rollerskating and iceskating dates. i thought it was pretty cool, but not something i’d want to do.
but a few months ago i found myself pondering some creative date ideas for my boyfriend and i, as our relationship has gone taken a pit stop in the sit at home and watch dvds phase. mark my bff (boyfriend forever) said alright but kept putting it off… he’s a procrastinator extordinaire. but diane invited me rollerskating with her 4 year old son bryon. luv ya bry!
i gladly accepted, though i really thought i’d be falling all over the place. but hey, look! apparently i had much better balance than i’d given myself credit for! i didn’t fall once. i didnt feel completely comfortable on skates, but i was proud of myself and i had fun.
from there it was a hop skip and a jump to going skating every wednesday for wacky wednesday at our local skateaway in wilkes-barre. i had fun, i needed the excersize, i wanted to get out and socialize more, but most of all, i loved the way i felt when whizzing around on skates! i quickly decided to save money i should buy my own pair of skates so i wouldn’t have to keep renting. i got some speed skates from my friend tia who used to be in roller derby, not thinking i’d ever need them for that! i wasn’t even sure if there was a roller derby in our area at that time. i just bought them from her for like $55.
but then i saw whip it.
yes, i’m admitting that the reason i wanted to do roller derby was because of a movie. i just saw it and thought it looked so cool! of course mark was like noo you can’t do that, you’re not tough at all. and i was all, you never support anything i do! hmmph!
but i kept going wacky wednesday-ing, and marinating the idea… until i finally went to watch the wb/scranton roller radicals practice last thursday. and i made my final decision! yes, i will do roller derby!
it looks like a lot of fun, and a lot of work. but my ass needs to get in shape anyway, and after work tomorrow i’ll have the whole boring summer off. so why not?