so since getting the email friday from jen aka h.r. tuf n stuf, i’ve been on my mission to get all the gear together that i need for my first practice tuesday. i’ve been so excited! friday night i got a triple8 helmet from zumiez, a $10 mouthguard, and croakies. theyre actually chum brand, but theyre the things to keep your glasses on tighter. one of my fears is getting my glasses smashed.
dicks didn’t have 187 knee pads, which heather told me are the one thing you should really splurge for, because they’re like falling on pillows. and according to online reviews, clouds. the only place i can find them though are online.
but amanda used to do roller derby so she said she’ll give me her old gear, although her knee pads are probably not 187s since she doesnt know the brand name of them. im gonna pay her for the stuff, but ive been waiting all weekend to hear from her so i can pick it up! ahh! i want to make sure i have my stuff. i figured i’d start with her knee pads and if they were too crappy i’d buy the 187s online.
i also bought used rollerblading wrist guards at play it again, which i need to return cuz theyre not the right kind but amanda has those for me as well. i wonder if they’ll stink?
i’ve also been brainstorming derby names since thursday night. i really like carrie madshaw since im a sex and the city fan but i dont think it really would fit me. i don’t know if i need to have a name picked out for handing in my papers tuesday night or if i can get one down the line. because maybe i want to see how i am on the track to think of a fitting descriptive. my first idea was kris krash though… but i really like the idea of krash til something. the only thing i can think of that would be til something would be til dawn. miss krash til dawn. like my name was kristle dawn?